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about us

BrandEquity Consulting is different from other branding firms in the way we think and the way we work.

Key Points About Our Practice

You can engage us for either a small assignment or a major project.
We fully understand the total scope of branding — all 67 elements and sub-elements. Refer to our book: Branding: The 6 Easy Steps.
We developed a unique process to develop Brand Architecture — the foundation for developing bold brand strategies.
We have developed a 10-step thinking model for developing big ideas on demand. Refer to our book: Inventing Big Ideas.
Collaboration is important. We work best when the client is actively involved.
Our team is experienced in a wide range of industries — both on the consulting side and the client side. So we understand first-hand the need for practical solutions.
You get experienced people working on your project. Our branding projects are led by Dave Dunn — a respected branding veteran.

consulting team

Dave Dunn
Managing Principal
Forrest Anderson
David Hillstrom

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