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step 4: ideation

Primary Purpose:

Idea creation for improvement of Brand Architecture.


Develop ideas, concepts, new products and strategies to improve on strategies and tactics currently in place.


Four meetings.

  1. Client orientation meeting prior to ideation.
  2. First Ideation Session:
    • Develop rough ideas to explore.
    • Primarily client-driven with facilitation by consultant.
    • Looking for 40-50 big ideas/concepts/new products.
  3. Second Ideation Session:
    • Same as first session, but with a new client group and more consultant involvement.
  4. Consultant reviews and summarizes ideas with client to narrow down to top 20 ideas.
  • Click here for summary flowchart (pdf)
  • (1)Ideation groups typically consist of 8-10 participants. Bright, large rooms are best for group comfort and creative thinking. A whiteboard, flipchart, or blank space for Post-it notes is required to capture ideas. Designated support people should be available to post the ideas as they come up.


20 ideas/concepts from the two sessions.

Next Step:

Develop Rough Brand Concepts

Estimated Working Days: 6

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