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fast-track branding

step 1: scope/objectives/current status

Primary Purpose:

Decide scope, expectations, and deliverables with client.


Provide a foundation for the work to follow in Steps II, III and IV.


Face-to-face meeting (meetings are usually 90-120 minutes) between consultant and client.

Suggested areas of discussion:

  • Determine client goals/desired outcome of process.
  • What are the biggest problems facing the client?
  • What opportunities are available to the client?
  • What is preventing client from reaching goals?
  • What does the current brand stand for?
  • Review past marketing plans - what has worked/not worked?
  • Were there plans made and not implemented? Why not?
  • Review business plan and available research.


A summary of the current brand status and proposed project with workflow timeline.

Next Step:

Market Analysis

Estimated Working Days: 1

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