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Fast-Track Branding is a new service combining the most practical parts of the early stages of our branding process — Analysis, Brand Architecture, and Ideation — in an abbreviated form. Fast-Track Branding is for companies who need something concrete in less than 30 working days.

The 6-step process requires an intense focus and full collaboration between client and consultant. Fast-Track Branding is based on the theory that smart, creative marketing people can accomplish great things in a short time when acting decisively and working as a team.

The result is a minimum of 10 fully refined brand concepts for use by the company, its advertising agency or research firm. The concepts can represent a new positioning, alternate brand messages, a big idea, or a new product or service.

The outcome is a means to improve your branding strategies that in turn would increase the effectiveness of all your communication programs.

The following pages detail the steps and milestones involved.

Fast-Track Branding Steps

Step Working Days
1 Scope, Objectives 1
2 Market Analysis 7
3 Brand Architecture Development 4
4 Two Ideation Sessions 6
5 Develop Rough Concepts 6
6 Refine Concepts/Deliverables 6
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