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case : Howard Wheatley Allen

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Howard Wheatley Allen, a successful San Francisco Bay Area artist, wanted to establish himself as a unique sculptor to increase sales. His pieces start at $5,000 and he needed a way to communicate to potential buyers the value of his art.

Brand Solution

To accomplish this objective it was decided to focus on perceived value based upon the people who had his pieces in their collection. Because the United States Department of State purchased Allen’s for work presentation to foreign leaders, (e.g., Mikhail Gorbachev, Emperor Hirohito of Japan, King Hussein, etc.) it was decided to position his brand as sculptor to Emperors, Presidents, and Kings. To communicatte this niche positioning, he decided to upgrade his Web site and to publish a glossy 4-color book to showcase the beauty of his work.

Measure of Success

Because of this unique positioning and the quality of his work, Allen was able to sell more commissions for work starting at $15,000.

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