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KaiserAir, the fixed-base operator at Oakland International Airport, wanted to increase the number of landings of out-of-town business jets that traveled to the Bay Area. KaiserAir had an advantage of having the largest maintenance group for business jets in the Bay Area. It needed to find a way to communicate this advantage and differentiate itself from the other two airports.

Brand Solution

It was determined that one of the most important things jet owners wanted was assurance that they could get the maintenance service they needed without affecting their schedule. To establish a meaningful point of differentiation it was recommended that this firm's "maintenance" advantage be coupled with a unique brand promise. A new name (KaiserCare) and logo were developed and a promise to get jets back in the air on time. To back up their promise they offered to lend one of their own jets if the service took longer than expected.

Measure of Success

Out-of-town business jet pilots now favor KaiserAir at Oakland International because they offer a key guarantee, which neither of the other two airports can match.

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