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Oakland's Jack London Square has a history that dates back to the Gold Rush Days. By the early 1990's, the waterfront district had fallen on hard times. With only a few restaurants and shops, and no events or attractions, there was little incentive to visit. Only a few locals had frequented it or knew where it was. The Port of Oakland decided to develop the waterfront and needed to find a way to attract visitors to justify their investment.

Brand Solution

A multi-faceted plan was developed to attract visitors and businesses and to establish Jack London Square as a dynamic Bay Area destination. Jack London Square adopted "Something's Always Happening" as the unifying theme of their branding program. Concurrently, an aggressive and dynamic event schedule extended the vision. An aggressive advertising campaign was created, enabling the Port of Oakland to increase awareness of Jack London Square’s attractions, while a new logo helped establish a cohesive identity.

Measure of Success

After 10 years of marketing and of maintaining continuity with the original branding program, Jack London Square became recognized as the center of activity for the Oakland Metropolitan area. Residents of the East Bay now consider it a major entertainment destination. In 2006, the Port of Oakland sold the Jack London Square brand and some of the real estate to a major development group which plans to invest heavily to bring it to the next level – competitor of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

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