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case : City of Fairfield

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The City of Fairfield wanted to rebrand itself to help jumpstart its economic development program. It has good highway access, a good labor force and plenty of available land. The City is located mid-way between San Francisco and Sacramento. It wanted to attract companies from the Bay Area who needed more space to grow. The problem was that most people in the Bay Area didn’t exactly know where Fairfield was – other than somewhere on the way to Sacramento. They didn’t know it was in Solano County and part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Brand Solution

To solve Fairfield's identity crisis the client decided to reposition the brand from "the sweet spot between San Francisco and Sacramento" to "the best remaining space for growth in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area". Once people started to understand that Fairfield was actually part of the Bay Area, it became easier for brokers to pitch the fact that you didn’t have to leave the Bay Area to take advantage of this opportunity.

Measure of Success

The City of Fairfield implemented an aggressive branding communications plan highlighting its repositioning. Widespread media coverage in many Bay Area and national trade publications resulted in creating a favorable new image for the City. After the first year, dozens of new businesses committed to relocate to Fairfield and a number of large Bay Area companies started to land bank acreage in Fairfield.

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